Board of Directors




To work on behalf of military retirees and their families,
to protect their rights and benefits under the law, and to
lobby on their behalf in Washington, DC and elsewhere.

Founded in Saranac Lake, New York in 1973, the American Military Retirees Association (AMRA) is Your ”Home Base" In Retirement.  Eligibility for the Association includes military retirees, medically retired and 100% service-connected (Disabled T&P), and surviving spouses.  AMRA provides benefits such as TRICARE and CHAMPVA supplemental insurance, discounts with hotels, car rental agencies and moving companies, auto and homeowner insurance.  Members also receive a weekly electronic newsletter focused on retiree benefits and legislation, and a quarterly newspaper with feature articles.  

The Association welcomes retirees from all ranks of all branches of the Uniformed Services.  Individuals retiring from the Guard and Reserves are eligible. The Association’s founding principles are still the guiding force for today’s AMRA leadership, as outlined in the “Purposes” section of the National Bylaws.

The purposes for which the Association was formed are fraternal, patriotic, and educational and include but are not limited to:

(a)  To protect and preserve the vested rights, benefits and privileges of Retired Armed Forces personnel;

(b)  To provide a means to sponsor, foster, and encourage legislation affecting the status of retired and active personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces;

(c)  To keep members informed of changes to benefits and legislation that may affect their benefits and to encourage active participation in the legislative process;

(d)  To foster the welfare of survivors and dependent children of Retired Armed Forces personnel;

(e)  To accept as members, all retired personnel from all branches of the Armed Forces, regardless of rank, who are honorably retired and receiving, or qualified to receive retired/retainer benefits.  This includes all those medically retired, 100% service connected disabled veterans, and surviving spouses of any of the above;

(f)  To provide a means of social contact for all members and their families.

Of primary importance are AMRA’s advocacy efforts on behalf of all military retirees and to that end, the Association’s Legislative Affairs Committee  adopts annual legislative goals and encourages AMRA members to contact Members of Congress on legislation specific to retiree issues.  The National President, First Vice President, Executive Director  and members of the Legislative Affairs Committee visit with Members of Congress on an annual basis to ensure that AMRA is recognized as a retiree advocate in the legislative arena.

The Association is managd by a nineteen (19) member Board of Directors.  The Board consists of five (5) National Officers and twelve (12) Directors-At-Large elected by the membership at the annual National Convention in June.  The Immediate Past National President (ex officio, with voting privileges) and the National Executive Director (ex officio, without voting privileges) complete the Board.

Departments manage affairs in states where there are at least two (2) chapters.  Department Presidents serve as liaisons between the national and chapter levels and have jurisdiction over all chapters within their state boundaries.  Departments are governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Department Officers elected by the membership at the annual Department Convention in May, the Immediate Past Department President and the Presidents of all chapters within the state.

Chapters are managed by Officers elected by chapter members at the April meeting of the chapter.

Today, AMRA is strong and growing.  AMRA has members in all states and Chapters in the Departments of Florida, New York and Texas.  In response to the desire of Members-At-Large to form chapters in their local areas, the National Board of Directors embarked upon a chapter formation initiative.  At the present time, there are seventeen (17) AMRA members in various stages of forming new chapters in the following states:  Florida , Georgia, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Virginia , Minnesota, West Virginia, Washington and Alabama.  Local Chapters and their members are the “face of AMRA” in their communities.  Members participate in monthly meetings and social events, the presentation of the Robert J. Jock LEAP Award to an Outstanding JROTC Cadet, and the promotion of AMRA’s Scholarship Program, in addition to following local and state legislative issues of importance to retirees and taking appropriate action.

In 2010 the American Military Retirees Foundation (AMRF) was funded and launched.  The 501(c)(3) Foundation was formed to enhance fundraising efforts for the Association’s scholarship fund.  Through the current generosity of AMRA members, the Association annually presents $35,000 in scholarships to AMRA members, their spouses and dependents, and their grandchildren.