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AMRA members know how important it is to advocate for the
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AMRA members who would like to work on a more local level,
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Legislative Advocacy for Members - A Guide to Contacting
National & Local Officials. 
Inside you will find valuable tips for
successful communications to Members of Congress, coordinating with
AMRA’s Legislative Director, knowing which issues to advocate for,
important "do's" and "don'ts" …and much more!

National Legislative Director's 2017 Convention Report

2017-2018 Legislative Resolutions



November 17, 2017

November 3, 2017

October 20, 2017


3/9/2017: House and Senate Committees on Veterans' Affair: Support Repeal of SBP-DIC Offset


7/27/2017: VA Choice Funding

6/22/2017: Allow Surviving Spouses to Keep Final Retirement Payment

3/23/2017: Provide Space A Travel for 100% Disabled Veterans

2/24/2017: Repeal the SBP-DIC Offset

2/21/2017: Repeal the Retirement and VA Disability Pay Offset

2/8/2017: Constitutional Amendment to Make U.S. Flag Desecration Illegal


Op Ed - AMRA's plan to help retirees losing TRICARE Prime

2016-2017 AMRA Legislative Goals 


10/20/2017: Letter to NDAA Conference Committee Chairman Thornberry and Ranking Member Smith

9/26/2017: Letter to NDAA Conference Committee Leadership

9/14/2017: Letter to Senators McConnell, Schumer, McCain and Reed on 2018 NDAA

7/10/2017: AMRA Urges Passage of Military Retiree Survivor Comfort Act

6/7/2017: AMRA Urges Defense Appropriations Subcommittees to Reject POTUS TRICARE Budget Proposals

6/7/2017: AMRA Urges Budget Committees to Reject POTUS TRICARE Budget Proposals

6/7/2017: AMRA Urges Military Construction/Veterans Affairs Appropriation Subcommittees to Reject Two POTUS
Budget Proposals Affecting Veterans

6/7/2017: AMRA Urges Budget Committe to Reject Two POTUS Budge Proposals Affecting Veterans

2/14/2017: Letter of support to Sen. Bill Nelson on S. 339 - Survivor Benefit Plan and Disability Indemnity Compensation

2/14/2017: Letter of support to Rep. Joe Wilson on H.R. 846 - Survivor Benefit Plan and Disability Indemnity

2/9/2017: Letter to Sen. John McCain with Testimony Request

2/1/2017: Letter to Rep. Mac Thornberry with Testimony Request

1/30/2017: Letter to Sen. Johnny Isakson with Testimony Request

1/17/2017: Letter of support to Sen. Dean Heller on S. 66 - Concurrent Receipt


7/19/2017: NMVA letter in support of H.R. 3218 to Veterans Affairs Committee

5/22/2017: NMVA Final Accountability Letter to Senate Veterans Affairs Committee

4/17/2017: Letter to the HASC Personnel Subcommittee in support of the Military Patron Protection Act (MPPA) advanced by Congressman Walter Jones.

2/14/2017: Letter of support to Senator Bill Nelson for S. 339 Survivor Benefit Plan and Disability Indemnity Compensation


9/14/2017: Letter in Support of MA. H. 3008