To work on behalf of military retirees and their families, to protect their rights and benefits under the law, and to lobby on their behalf in Washington, DC and elsewhere. 


You have EARNED eligibility for membership in AMRA through your military service. 

Together, we will ensure that the health care and pension promises made to you don’t disappear because no one is watching.

 Military Retirees, 100% Disabled (T & P), Medically Retired, Surviving Spouses. Service member with retirement orders in hand may join prior to retirement date.


You could earn $500 just for signing up family members, friends and acquaintances who are career military retirees (20+ years of service), medically retired, 100% disabled (total and permanent) or surviving spouses of any of the above.  Service members with retirement orders in hand may join prior to retirement date. AMRA maintains a singular focus on military retirees of all ranks and all branches and welcomes “gray area” retirees.  Speaking as one voice, we can advance retiree issues – but we need your help to recruit as many new members as possible.  You will be offering prospective members an opportunity to get involved and make a difference for military retirees, and that will pay big dividends for individuals, families, and the retired military community as a whole.

The AMRA National Board of Directors has decided to accelerate its strategic plan goal for the recruiting of new members because NOW is the time for the strongest voice we can possibly muster.  In these times when proposals are circulating that directly affect your healthcare and quality of life, we need Congress to HEAR THE VOICE of military retirees, loud and clear!  Military retirees are also an important constituent population on issues of compensation and retirement that will affect your children and grandchildren in their future military career.  The more of us there are to support what is right, the better off the retiree community will be!

We invite you to review the Rules, Rewards and Results of this year’s recruiting contest.  We’ve provided a few Recruiting Tips as well, but you are free to use whatever recruiting strategies work best for you.


Inviting others who qualify for AMRA membership to take advantage of the benefits you enjoy through your own membership is easy, but sometimes we just don’t know where to start. To help you break the ice, the Association has developed a simple process for you to use.

First, you can use the new Elevator Speech posted below.  An Elevator Speech is a tool that will give a prospective member enough information to get them interested in finding out more about AMRA. Once the prospect has listened to your initial comments (your Elevator Speech), you may wish to add your own personal comments about why you belong to the Association and which of the benefits you have used.  Some prospects may want to learn more about the Scholarship Program or about what AMRA does to protect federal benefits for military retirees.  Your enthusiasm at this point will go a long way!  To help you answer the Tough Questions and overcome objections from a prospective member, we have included some Talking Points to help you.  For any other questions you don’t know the answer to, you can always point them to the AMRA website or invite them to call staff at National Headquarters on our toll-free number (800-424-2969).  


The second part of this process is to hand the prospect your Recruiter Card (posted below). The card has all of AMRA’s contact information on the front and your contact information on the back.  If you belong to a local chapter, you might want to get his/her number and call them a few days ahead of the next meeting.  You can arrange to meet at the meeting and introduce him/her to other chapter members in attendance. To get him/her interested in attending the meeting, be sure to give a few examples of the projects or programs your chapter supports and what he/she can expect during the meeting.

In most cases, the fastest and easiest way for a prospect to join is to go online at and use the online join function.  Prospects can complete the application, upload their proof of eligibility and pay the membership fee using our Pay Pal account (an individual does not need to have a Pay Pal account to use ours – just use a Visa or Mastercard).  Once the application is submitted and AMRA has processed it, new members will receive an auto-email with a Welcome message and their new AMRA member number; a membership card and information about AMRA will follow, usually within a week. 

In the event that your prospect does not wish to use the internet to join, you should be prepared to present him with an AMRA application.  Be sure to sign every application you distribute on the “Recruited By” line – and ask those going online to fill your name in when they complete the application – so that your efforts will be recorded at National Headquarters and you can be considered for AMRA’s Top Recruiter Award.

You can request a copy of the Elevator Speech and Recruiting Cards from National Headquarters by emailing or by calling 1-800-424-2969.  If you would like accompanying paper applications, please feel free to ask.

There are 2.79 million individuals who qualify for AMRA membership!  These individuals include career military retirees, those medically retired, 100% Total & Permanent Service-Connected Disabled, and the surviving spouses of each of these groups, as well as service members with retirement orders in hand who may join prior to their actual retirement date.  AMRA can speak on behalf of each of these individuals – just imagine the sound of THAT voice discussing issues important to YOU with Members of Congress!


The American Military Retirees Association (AMRA) is a national organization whose sole focus is on the needs of military retirees, including those totally and permanently disabled, their surviving spouses, and service members (including Guard & Reserve) with retirement orders in hand.

We serve as your “Home Base In Retirement” by providing timely and relevant information and member services.  Benefits include scholarship programs for our members and their families, access to our comprehensive website and social media platforms and a weekly electronic newsletter.

We provide individual attention to our members, and have a full-time advocate protecting your federal benefits. 


Here’s my card – it has our website and contact information.  Call me when you are ready to join.


The Recruiter card has all of AMRA’s contact information on the front and your contact information on the back.

If you belong to a local chapter, you might want to get your potential recruit's number and call him/her a few days ahead of the next meeting. You can arrange to meet at the meeting site and introduce him/her to other chapter members in attendance. To get him/her interested in attending the meeting, be sure to give a few examples of the projects or programs your chapter supports and what he/she can expect during the meeting.

You can request Recruiting Cards from National Headquarters by emailing or by calling 1-800-424-2969.
If you would like accompanying paper applications, please feel free to ask.


With a retirement date in hand, AMRA offers transitioning service members full membership or the option of “checking us out” before they join. For more information, review the documents below.

As You Transition

Been There - Done That! Transition Tips from Fellow Retirees


AMRA welcomes Military Retirees from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, regardless  of rank.

AMRA will keep you advised of legislative activity through its weekly electronic newsletter eNEWS and its quarterly online newspaper AMRA News. You will have the opportunity to make a difference for retirees by responding to periodic “calls to action” when an important legislative issue affecting retirees is being debated in Congress.

Among its valuable benefits for members, AMRA offers members TRICARE and CHAMPVA supplemental insurance at one of the most attractive rates offered by any military service organization.

Visit Member Benefits for information on our Career Center, car/hotel/vision care discounts, as well as discounts on auto and homeowner insurance through Liberty Mutual and moving, real estate and mortgage services through Allied and North American Van Lines.

Learn more by reading AMRA: Who We Are and What We Do



AMRA also offers a competitive college scholarship program available to
members, their spouses and dependent children, and their grandchildren.
Visit Scholarships for information and an application.

Annual Dues are $25.00 (3 year membership $65.00)

Affordable Life Membership rates are a great deal, especially if you are using Selman supplemental insurances which require AMRA membership…one less thing for you to think about as the Life Member fee will maintain your membership for the rest of your life.

Life Member Fees:  
To age 45 $275.00
Ages 46-59 $195.00
Ages 60-69 $155.00
Age 70 & Over $  95.00


By using our online “Join” function with your credit card or
print an application and mail or fax it to National Headquarters.

Why You Need To Get Your Info from AMRA

It’s sad but true: they didn’t send any of us to “retiree camp” for six weeks before they sent us go home for good. Without a drill instructor to help you navigate through the many changes retirement brings, where can military retirees turn to find out what’s really important?

AMRA Can Help… Here’s Why:

1. If you live near a base you can visit the Retirees Services Office… AMRA provides valuable information to RSOs to help you manage your retirement and meet important deadlines. Some AMRA members volunteer at Retiree Services Offices.

2. Your local County Veterans Service office may help...AMRA works with CVSOs to ensure that retirees get information specific to retirees.

3. Service Newsletters will inform…AMRA provides additional information of value specific to retirees in a weekly eNewsletter and a quarterly full color online newspaper. 

4. If you’re near a base and your schedule and mobility allow, you can attend Retiree Activity Days...AMRA attends many RADs to put a friendly face on "your community" of fellow retirees and make new retiree friends!

5. You can hunt for retiree information in other group publications …but most focus on veterans issues…not specific to retiree issues, which won’t always help you get the answers you need. AMRA publications focus on YOU as a military retiree!

6. You can wait for someone to forward you an email …or you can monitor AMRA's Facebook and Twitter pages to keep current on retiree issues.

At AMRA, we know that every one of our nation’s two million+ military retirees is unique. Some, who have benefits from a “second career,” have a larger economic cushion than others. The majority, however, do not have as many resources; their pensions, entitlements and survivor benefits are crucial. Many moved upon retirement and are no longer living near a military installation, or their base was closed; over time this puts them at a disadvantage. “Gray Area” retirees, Guard and Reserve retirees not yet collecting their pensions, often move on to other careers; again, time and location work against them when trying to keep up on retiree information. Retirees with limited mobility and/or  without internet access  have limited access to information. Sadly, every month, AMRA HQ gets calls that a member has passed away. Invariably, the surviving spouse is not only  unprepared for this eventuality, but is unfamiliar with the agencies that need to be contacted.

Many military retirees assume that their retiree benefits and entitlements are set in stone. Sadly, this is far from true. The GI Bill, TRICARE health care options and even how military retirements are calculated are all being examined as “fat” to be trimmed. As a result of the current military situation, Congress’s attention to “fresh” veterans sometimes benefits us “seasoned” veterans as programs are added or expanded; sometimes not. Where can you find out which changes apply to retirees, surviving spouses or the 100% disabled/medically retired?

Why should you get your info from AMRA? Military retirees need to keep a foot in both worlds- retiree and veteran- but that takes a lot of time and research. We pride ourselves in working to get the news right from the horse’s mouth- not from hearsay. We sincerely hope that you’ll find that the pages of AMRA News, as well as the items in AMRA eNEWS are correct, informative, up to date, and written with the retiree’s perspective in mind. At the very least, what you read here is guaranteed to be a jumping-off place guaranteed to give you the ammunition you need to “go get ‘em” when you need to interface with other agencies and groups. Yes, as a military retiree you and your needs are unique, and that’s why we’re on duty watching the horizon for you… Face it, you did your time!

                                                        AMRA:  Your "Home Base" In Retirement!